In a pickle (again)!

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Dec 25, 2020
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So here's the situation. I've been studying for the MCAT since January and originally planned to take it in June, which I then bumped it to August, and then September before finally cancelling it. I'm averaging 487 - 489. I did decide to wait until January to take the test but I feel as though I've reached the level at which I'm gonna do test day whether now or in January. Should I take the test next week and give it a shot? If I did happen to get higher test day that would be wonderful but if I didn't, I could keep studying until January and give it another shot.

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IMO it would be best not to take it until you're hitting close to 500 on the AAMC FLs. It sounds like you need improvement in content...find the best resource and study till Dec for the Jan exam.
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I almost always agree with @DexterMorganSK, however, I partially agree this time. If you can score up to 495 and have some OTHER aspect of your application that is strong (i.e. masters degree and/or a high GPA) that would be fine. Your application is more than just an MCAT score, it's the whole picture. From extracurriculars to GPA/academics, from work experience to research projects, all of that gets factored in.

I would implore you to re-evaluate where you stand given what others have said about what's a good shot or not and apply this to yourself. With all of that in mind, make your decision.

Best of luck!
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