1. P

    Question about Eyeglass Prescription

    I had an eye exam appointment this past Tuesday. The OD said that my prescription would be emailed to me. A few days went by and I did not receive it. I called multiple times asking for the prescription, and they kept saying that it would be sent to me soon. They finally sent it to me only after...
  2. A

    Loupes for someone with seriously bad vision?

    I'm going to be starting my first year of dental school pretty soon. As the title says, my vision is pretty miserable. -9 diopters, pretty terrible astigmatism to boot (believe me, I know how bad that is!). I know that loupes companies will build prescriptions in, but I'm wondering if they can...
  3. C

    question about precription dosing

    I'm a veterinarian but have a question about how doctors write prescriptions for their patients, because I've realized it's different than the current thought in veterinary medicine in a specific way. I'm afraid if I asked my doctor, I'd get an "this is how I do it" answer, without really...
  4. TheOnlinePharmacist

    Personal Statement Review - true emotional story (1 paragraph!!)

    Deleted for anti-plagiarism purposes! Thank you everyone who commented and helped!
  5. Heist

    Are pts on my allowed to be prescribed c2?

    I think dea rules prohibit mj people to get controlled subs. What dea regs do you know for c2? Links are helpful. Thanks
  6. B

    NY prescription transfer question

    In NYS controlled substances and first fill prescriptions cannot be transfered to another pharmacy, correct? Well say a patient drops a controlled script off at one CVS and decides they want to pick it up at a different CVS. Does this count as 2 different pharmacies and the transfer cannot be...
  7. A

    become a Medical Doctor (M.D) after becoming a Pharmacist (Pharm. D)...?

    Hi guys. I am about to attend an accelerated pharmacy program next semester and am a fairly young guy, meaning I'll have a pharm. D quicker. I'm thinking about becoming a doctor afterwords. So my question is... If I become a Medical Doctor (M.D) after becoming a Pharmacist (Pharm. D), would I be...
  8. Researcher101

    Best menstrual pill without Ibuprofen?

    I'm allergic to Motrin which is an Ibuprofen. What is the best pill you recommend for cramps? I've always taken Tylonol but sometimes it feels like it doesn't work as well. If there's something better I'd rather take that. I've been told about Midol but isn't caffeine supposed to be avoided? I...
  9. K

    Can a physician rewrite a prescription for a lost controlled substance script?

    I've been on Adderall since 8/2010 and have never lost a prescription given to me from my physician. On 10/30/15 I went to see my doctor for my semi-annual, scheduled II drug doctor visit and he wrote me 3 scripts. One was for November 2015, which I filled a few days later, the other two were...