preventative medicine

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    Preventative and Occupational Medicine

    Hello. I am a current medical student interested in learning more about the fields of Preventative Medicine and Occupational Medicine. Is there are current prev/occ med doc or resident that wouldn't mind answering some questions about their career and residency?
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    Family medicine as a second residency after preventative medicine?

    The question is pretty simple, but could I apply to do FM as a second residency? I am looking into preventative medicine as well, and considering the military as a option for school. I am imagining doing a prev med residency in the military, serving 4 years, then getting out and attending a FM...
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    Different styles of family practices ?

    I am very interested in a family practice that is more involved with patients diet, exercise, and preventative type medicine. Does anyone have any good advice as to where I can view different styles of family medicine geared towards this? or know of any specific places like this in the country...
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    PhD in Epidemiology: School of Public Health vs Dept of Prev Med?

    Can anyone speak to their experiences or knowledge about getting a PhD in epidemiology at a school of public health versus in a department of preventative medicine at a medical school? Degree seeking: PhD in Epi (currently have MPH in Epi from Columbia) Accepted: UW (SPH), UCLA (SPH), USC (Dept...
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    Position Wanted Preventive Medicine

    Looking for PGY-2 Preventive Medicine Program. Completed PGY-1 Year, passed all steps, AMG from top school.
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    Preventive Medicine Matching

    Hello, Would love to hear from those who are applying for or are in a Preventive Medicine Residency program. When did programs get back to you about acceptance? When did you have to tell programs whether you would be joining or not? Have you heard back from programs for 2016? Please PM me or...
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    Passions = nutrition and preventive medicine...advice?

    Hi all– I am seeking some perspective. My greatest interest lies in nutrition -- exploring and promoting diets that work best for people to optimize their health and wellbeing. However, I do not feel I will be satisfied as a dietician. I view this profession as being fairly limited, both...
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    Some questions about Preventive/Preventative Medicine?

    First post woo! Hi everyone, I'm currently a junior undergrad trying to figure out some details about what preventive medicine is. I want to help people on a larger scale(local-national level?) and I also want to retain the ability to treat people directly (main reason for becoming a physician)...