prior military service

  1. HeliseacombatronFIVES

    Non traditional students my story **Long Story Alert**

    Hi everyone, *** sorry about the long story important events to me are high lighted in red, I left out some stuff cause it gonna make this into a long essay*** *** before you read Thank you so much for listening to my story, and thanks to those who provide me with future insight and their...
  2. V

    Air Force Fighter Pilot to HPSP?

    I'm a new guy here but my googles over the past year or so routinely direct me to this site, so I figured I should probably register and ask my specific questions in a new thread... I've tried searching but the results are always a little off from what I want to know specifically. So here goes...
  3. B

    36yr old civ, 15yrs prior service AF, HPSP ?

    Hello all, In an effort to keep this brief, I'll just give you the important details. I'm 36 (nov bday) and have been a civilian for since April 2015 after 15yrs of active duty Air Force (enlisted). I've been doing cyber security consulting with Ernst & Young since I got out. I left the...
  4. T00thFa1ry

    Non-traditional pre-dental course path, 3.22 gpa

    Hi! I'm on the verge of finishing all of my remaining prerequisites to apply to dental school. The only classes left are organic chemistry 2 and biochemistry. My grades from physics and organic chemistry 1 aren't in yet, but I've been between a low A and a high B in both classes. Right now, my...
  5. L

    Is it possible to become a surgeon after military service?

    I'm sure this question has been posted before but I have a few questions to go along with this that I'd like directly answered. I've wanted to go to medical school since I was in 7th grade to become a surgeon. Unfortunately, I didn't really have the support system to back my dream (my parents...