1. C

    Automatic "Table 1" Style Summary Statistics from spreadsheet data

    Heya Everyone, In case you are working on chart reviews/epidemiology studies or clinical trials and are in need of "Table 1" - style summary statistics, I created a small web app to help with this that can help save a lot of time: table1.cc | Automated Summary Statistics for Research Papers...
  2. psyflgirl

    Content Review. Rereading chapters?

    Hello, I have been studying fro 3 months now, I have been doing flashcards as I go but I have not practiced them as much as I would want to. Last week I sat down with all my flashcards and I realized that except for the ones I did within the last two weeks I can barely remember any content from...
  3. A

    NEW MCAT study productivity !!!

    Hi guys, i'm not taking the mcat this year, i decided to postpone it to next year because i do not want to study for it while i am taking other difficult courses...anyhow...this upcoming semester i am taking my first course of physics to fulfill premed requirements. So i decided to study the...
  4. K

    What is the true production to collection ratio for a private run dental practice?

    This is my first job as a dentist in United States. I have just started working for a private dental practice that offers 40% of collection. However after the first month all the details I received shows on a production of $30000 for the month, the collection was only $10000. And my take home...
  5. OT1224

    Other OT-Related Information Accepted Student What to do this summer?

    Hello, I know that there is a thread for this, but I can't find it. I am accepted for an OT school that begins Fall 2016. I have plenty of time this summer to do...stuffs. So far, I have a vacation for few weeks. After that, my only plan is to learn a foreign language (Planning to treat...
  6. wanderlustpt

    Outpatient Productivity

    Hi everyone, I am curious to learn how productivity standards are measured across the country and across different outpatient settings. I'm wondering a few things: 1. How many patients are you expected to treat per week (or, how else is your productivity defined)? 2. How many patients do you...