1. D

    How to let out stress during dental school!?!?!

    During my second year of dental school I took off my mind from dental school for a few minutes a day by finishing my basement. I am in third year now and I take clinic pretty darn seriously. My schedule is very busy now and I don't have time to do anything else. I barely have time to study for...
  2. I

    Standard Operating procedure of the Pharmacy Investigation and Research Department

    I am currently on my drug policy APPE rotation and my longitudinal project is to create another standard operating policy and procedure document that will guide the pharmacy Investigation and research department of the hospital.The last document has not being updated since the year 2013. I...
  3. I

    Don't want to do independent research project

    I am in a little bit of a unique position here. I joined a basic sciences lab at the very end of last school year (May 2016) and am currently working in the lab. I applied for a position as a "student researcher" as opposed to "student volunteer" with the expectation that I would be working...
  4. P

    Is anyone willing to share their Pediatrics rotation experience?

    Before I start I want to thank you for taking the time to read this thread. Any feedback is very much appreciated! Hi everyone! I am currently a high school student working on a project about pediatricians, which is a career I am currently interested in. I wanted to gather some information in...
  5. RogueBanana

    RogueBanana's Guide to Undergraduate Research

    Hey Everyone! I see a lot of people asking about how to "get in" to research as an undergrad, well fear not! Your good buddy RogueBanana has made a guide just for you! So Roguey, how do I find a spot as a research assistant? I'm glad you asked! 1- Ask A Professor So there are a lot of ways...
  6. zrar82

    Have Questions for Projecte

    Hi, My name is Zrar Shahid and I am doing a project about Neurosurgery and I have a few questions. If would be a greatly helpful if anyone can provide me with some answers. Thanks in Advance! :) Thoughts on the effectiveness of pre-Columbian Peru operation methods? (Help patient down, opened...