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Jan 14, 2016
Hi, My name is Zrar Shahid and I am doing a project about Neurosurgery and I have a few questions. If would be a greatly helpful if anyone can provide me with some answers. Thanks in Advance! :)

  1. Thoughts on the effectiveness of pre-Columbian Peru operation methods? (Help patient down, opened scalp, scrapped away bone layer or chiseled out) (Over 50% of patients survived)
  2. Were there any situations in which you did not know had to approach and had to learn from spontaneously?
  3. Have you heard of Harvey Cushing? If so, did he influence you in any way?
  4. Is the theory of localization still used?
  5. Were there any developments in the process of Psychosurgery?
  6. Has the process of identifying and locating diseases, tumors, cancers, etc. developed?
  7. Are there any crazy stories or situations you have been in?


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1) I assume you mean trephanation. Not sure they were particularly successful, the hole made was small so it didn't necessarily increase the space available by much for brain swelling and if you broke through the dura you died of infection.
2) All of the time, pretty much every new surgery or first time doing a known surgery with a new surgeon requires spontaneous learning.
3) All american neurosurgeons have heard of cushing, everything's named after him
4) Yes
5) It's a controversial topic to do brain resection for psychiatric illness, but functional neurosurgery is aggressively looking for ways to treat psychiatric illness with brain stimulation
6) MRI's among countless others
7) Daily, you'd need to be more specific.
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