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  1. 9

    PS review, anyone?

    After recieving a much needed 100+ comment thread deriding my entire personal statement concept yesterday on here, I have put together a draft following almost all of the advice given to me and would like to see if anyone would be willing to review it? This is for the 2019-2020 cycle so I have...
  2. natre_

    Feedback on Personal Statement?

    Would greatly appreciate any kind of feedback! Let me know and I'll PM you the PS :)
  3. T

    Personal Statement

    Hello, Would anyone be willing to take a look at my personal statement? I'd appreciate any feedback I can get. Thanks!
  4. turtles43

    Anyone feel like critiquing my PS?

    Message me if you do ! Thanks!
  5. H

    Is it bad to say you want the prestige of being a dentist in your ps?

    Dentistry is a respected profession. How would an admissions committe view an appilcant saying they want the prestige that is associated with being a dentist? Thank you
  6. DocMaur

    Can somebody read my PS? Navy Corpsman to MD

    Hello all! Looking for some feedback on my PS. I have had several people read it, but I feel as if they dont really understand how a AAMC PS is supposed to be. I've received positive feedback, as well as feedback that may not pertain to a med school app. Anyway, I would just like feedback about...
  7. C

    Any willing Personal Statement reviewers, please?

    Hello everyone! Long time lurker and first time poster here. I was hoping is someone could please look over my PS before I submit my app. I kinda need quick, urgent help because I wana submit asap ... I'm already behind, I believe. I just wana make sure it sounds decent and non-convuluted. And...