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    Debating Career Path

    I am a psychology major with pre-med and English minors with a cGPA of 3.84. My Psych GPA is a 4.00 and I am debating Medical School/Psychiatry or MD career versus a Psych PhD/Clinical Counseling career. I have not yet taken the MCAT or GRE but am planning to do so this spring. I had B in both...
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    Trying to Tell My Dad Major Doesn't Matter.... Help?

    Hi there, I have shown my Dad a few threads on here and articles on other sites regarding a major and pre-med reqs. All in all, I know your major does not matter: your MCAT and GPA do. If I don't get into med school, my backup would be to be a PA or Physical Therapist. Because all of these...
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    Below Average Undergrad

    Hi there! I'm new to SDN, so apologies if this has been posted before. I could use some advice. I'm currently in my freshmen year of undergrad, majoring in psychology. My goal is to go to med school and become a psychiatrist. I was homeschooled for high school, and I feel like that has really...
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    Pre-Dental trasnfer student

    Hello! So i just now completed my junior year at UT Austin. Did not go as well as expected. I tranferred over from a community college with a 3.7 GPA and my associates degree in science. I am now a psych major. First semester pre reqs at UT: ochem1 B-, Bio 1 B-. Second semester pre reqs: Ochem 2...
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    Program recommendations with lower gpa cutoff

    Hi all, I am interested in applying to counseling Phd programs and/or PsyD programs in a couple of years and I am trying to figure out ways to strengthen my application now. My main issue is that I have a HORRIBLE undergrad gpa, 2.77 ( First year I goofed off and then junior year my S.O. was...
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    Interesting story- chances of this persongetting into med-school

    The person in this situation had a 2.3 overall GPA at their first University. They transferred and finished with a 3.6 GPA at their new University as a Psych major (undergrad). There is a lot of power to their story. At their previous school this person struggled with opiate addiction. This...
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    UCSB Biopsych vs UCSD Psych , Pre-health/PA

    desperately looking for input: Im a transferring undergrad, I was accepted into a Pre-psychological and Brian sciences program at UCSB and into the Psych program at UCSD. Im pursuing becoming a PA so i need to keep my gpa up. im in love with SD. however the program at SB allows me too choose...
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    Any use in MS of public health before applying to MD?

    I am increasingly interested in studying epidemiology and conducting prevention studies in various communities as a Master's Program before applying to medical school. Is there any true advantage to this aside from having this as something that sets me apart from the general applicant for...