1. EMT Potato

    Studying in Australia, planning on staying after.

    Hello All, I'm an American student completing my Bachelor's Degree in the US and I plan on going to med school in Australia. My goal is to train and continue practicing in Oz after graduation. I do not want to practice in the US and the wife and I would much rather earn our citizenships in Oz...
  2. EMT Potato

    Studying to Move to Australia from USA

    Hi all, I'm a current student at an American University looking to study medicine and move permanently to Australia. I would not like to work as a doctor in the US and I have no concerns on moving back to the country. I would like to know if it is possible to study at an Australian Uni like UQ...
  3. N

    Dentistry at UQ or UniMelb

    Hi :) So, these questions have been on my mind for a long time. Is there a major difference between BDsc (5 year undergraduate course at UQ) and DDS (7 years total - 4 year graduate course + 3 year undergrad, at UniMelb)? If so, will having a DDS degree help my chances of getting work? and...
  4. M

    Need some help! SMP vs overseas MD for a Canadian

    Hey guys, Have some interesting options, open to opinions! To get it out of the way, GPA ~3.4 and MCAT 517. So, recently accepted to an SMP program at BU, and also accepted to U of Queensland in Australia for the MD program, still waiting on Sydney. Do you think it's worthwhile to do an SMP...
  5. D

    UQ-Ochsner match lists

    2016 match rate: 93% https://news.ochsner.org/news-releases/fourth-class-of-ochsner-clinical-school-graduates-participate-in-match-day For previous years: http://www.mededpath.org/residency_match.html
  6. H

    UQ prospects

    Hi I am just asking for someone to shed some light for me on my application to traditional UQ. I just got my MCAT score back and I got exactly 496 on the dot. My overall GPA is about a 6.75 out of 7.0 on the aussie scale and about a 3.5 on the 4.0 scale. I got a crap ton of research and...
  7. T

    USyd and UQ MCAT

    Hi all, My friend and I are applying to both University of Sydney and University of Queensland MD. We're from Canada, and we roughly have the same GPA (3.5). She has a 31 MCAT (and fulfills the minimums on every section) and I have a 508. Is it possible for us to get interviews with these...