1. a_zed24

    Dyslipidemia Dietary Knowledge Questionnaire (DDKQ)

    Hello there! Has anyone heard about the DDKQ - Dyslipidemia Dietary Knowledge Questionnaire? I've recently stumbled on an article that concluded that this questionnaire is valuable to assess how much people really know about the relationship between their diet and their plasma cholesterol's...
  2. S


    Hi there! I am conducting a research study internationally as part of my masters thesis. It focuses on mental health outcomes and resilience and only takes about 10 minutes of your time. The study has received full ethical approval from the UCC board of ethics. If you are over 18 and have a few...
  3. L

    Where to Promote a Survey

    I am currently doing my bachelor's thesis on infant asymmetry in physiotherapy with a survey. I have been trying to post it to different facebook groups and I don't really understand how Twitter works. Currently I have 1 valid response and 5 responses in total. I think one of the major issues is...
  4. Char_Beyy

    Survey for Extended Project

    I would really appreciate it if anyone could do my online survey for my extended project as it is part of my college course. It is in regards to fibromyalgia which has a considerable link to women's health. Fibromyalgia Questionnaire Survey
  5. SombraUX

    Research to improve the applicant's process for additional medical training

    Hello all! I joined this forum to see if I could get some potential research data from you all. I am looking for screeners whom my team and I can interview to see how we can improve the experiences for post medical grad students as they are applying for fellowships, residencies and ETC. The...
  6. N

    NYU Dental Questionnaire

    Anyone submit the NYU questionnaire a week after their 2 week deadline and still get invited for an interview? Completely forgot to submit it so I'm just wondering if it's still worth it! Any advice is good advice! Thanks
  7. S

    Ultrasound Tech Internship Questions

    I am a current student conducting a short questionnaire for the purpose of researching the feasibility of Bellevue College (BC) offering an internship for students prior to starting the Diagnostic Ultrasound Technology (DUTEC) program. If you choose to answer one or both short questionnaires...