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    MD Scared Rural First Generation App--Will I get in?

    I'm terrified. I'm in this alone, and I feel like I don't have enough community service hours! Rural and Underserved birthplace and residence. West Virginia Degree: Chemistry, State University MCAT: 512 GPA: 3.68 BCPM, 4.0 AO, 3.77 Total Clinical Volunteer: 104 hours at hospital, but counting on...
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    UNE vs Quinnipiac (Netter)

    Hi all - I never thought I would post here, but I need to throw this out into the ethos and see what comes back. I am supposed to go to UNE this year (next week!) but yesterday Quinnipiac called me and offered me an accept-defer. Basically I would accept this year, but defer until this year...
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    NYMC vs. Quinnipiac

    I was recently accepted off of the waitlist at one of these schools, so I'm now holding 2 acceptances and I'm having trouble making a decision. I know Netter is a fairly new school with less name recognition (just accredited this past spring and only 1 match list), limited research (apparently...
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    PA vs Physician vs Pharmacy?!

    Hi everyone! I'm a senior in high school and I'm stressing out because I can't decide on a career. I know I'm young but I guess I kind of want to decide now because I like knowing what I'm getting myself into in college...if that makes sense... Just a little bit about me that might help with...
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    Quinnipiac (Netter) Class of 2020

    As you guys may already know there is a Facebook group for accepted students. But I thought a forum primarily for matriculating students would be nice to. It'll give us a chance to socialize and talk about rooming/classes/pre-requirements/etc. Congrats to this entering class!