1. chicken-n-beer

    Kinda personal and maybe off-topic

  2. D

    Looking for Indian MDs who have moved to Australia to interview for website

    Gday! I write a blog called Doctors Down Under designed for med students, Drs in training, IMGS etc. from all around the world interested in moving to Australia. I also post accounts of IMGS who have already made the move. I am looking for other real life accounts to put on the website (anon)...
  3. S

    Dealing with racist classmates and city

    I go to school in the Northeast, in a city with 3 dental schools The school is amazing. The class size is large, but the faculty is great. It's not bad. My only issue is... my classmates. A lot of them are from Florida, Texas, Georgia, the South - basically not anywhere near the north...
  4. Octophetus

    Do you have these biases?

    There was a study where researchers showed video clips to a group of participants. One is a needle touching someone's skin. The other is an eraser touching someone's skin. When participants saw the white people receiving a painful stimuli, they responded much more dramatically than they did for...