1. Lifeblood_20

    How competitive is Radiology?

    Current M1. So far in med school I have just focused on passing and haven't done any meaningful research or started building up my CV for residency apps. From my still limited exposure, I feel that radiology may be a good fit. I was wondering how competitive it is and if research is very...
  2. J

    Mount Sinai West Radiology Residency Q&A!

    Come join faculty and residents of Mount Sinai West Radiology Residency for a zoom chat! Open to all questions! REGISTER HERE
  3. insaiyan-premed

    Specialties of interest

    Could the experts elaborate on how difficult would it be to get into a Cards fellowship, Heme/Onc Fellowship, and a Radiology Residency as a DO student after this new Step 1 being P/F. I'm most likely going to end up in a DO school, and these specialties so far interest me the most. Thank you.
  4. TheWallnerus

    A whole new radiobiology

    Residents, we're gonna need a bigger boat. Woops no. A new radiobiology textbook. Yes, a new textbook and new exams et cetera et cetera. I'd like to introduce FLASH. From the FlashForward Consortium. Proud of you guys. This will be the Savior of the Universe. Will not be a flash in the pan...
  5. Avicenna144

    Question about EBM

    I have been reading more about EBM, advantages and disadvantages and utilization in the clinic, and I have a question about it for those who are interested in this topic: Does EBM strictly refer to using peer-reviewed articles/studies as sources of ''evidence''? Or does it also refer to using...
  6. I

    US IMG matching radiology

    Hey I'm a US IMG went to AUC and got a 241 in step 1 wondering what are my chances matching a program in radiology and possible ESIR. thank you
  7. Lion84

    Looking for Black/African-American friendly Residencies

    Hi! I just started 3rd year and I'm looking for Black friendly residency programs in Radiology. I'm married with 2 kids and I've got a pretty good application: GPA 3.8, Step 1 233 (no step 2). I did research at Yale & I'm published as a co-author of the study I worked on there, I also anticipate...
  8. MedPhysGuy

    Nausea and rep rate

    My supervising doctors here are both 25-year veteran radiation oncologists, one trained at University of Iowa and the other at Cincinnati. Both claim that during training, they heard the following to be anecdotal truth, but I have yet to find another radonc who has ever heard of this, or...