1. Leftpaw

    1st Year Midterms and Managing Expectations (Warning: slight rant)

    Hello. Today, I finished my last midterms...and I'm mentally dead. Despite clocking in tons of hours for the finals, the scores were all over the place: barely passing, passing (but not excelling) and some that surprisingly turned out well. I really wanted all of them to be decent (was used...
  2. T

    I am tired

    I felt like I had a good shot at medical school before I applied in the 2021 cycle. 3.8 GPA, 519 MCAT, good hours in clinical volunteering, nonclinical, and research, and applied to 24 schools. Right after submitting secondaries in late July/early August, my dad died. I didn't finish the...
  3. N

    MD Bottom in my class rank and starting to think med school is not for me

    I'm a fifth year medical student in a six year European-style program. We don't have Board exams and essentially matching is done based on your overall class rank, which is 50% the combined average of your annual class rank for the six years and 50% your rank in a final comprehensive board-style...
  4. U


  5. cutsman

    Surgery resident feeling like a scribe

    Finishing PGY1 year in a university/tertiary center. First thing - I love surgery, not a single doubt in my mind; still very happy with my decision to go into the field, but... Feeling pretty frustrated with my education so far. I know a lot of the ranting to follow isn't unique to me or my...
  6. aznkukuboi

    So why is CVS system so inefficient?

    So, I've done rotations at Walgreens, Target (PDX), independents, and have worked for both Rite Aid and CVS. CVS is known to be the "best" pharmacy through sheer volume and number of stores, but their system is ridiculously inefficient to a point that it slows me down a good 25% compared to...
  7. Y

    Freaking out a little. And by a little, I mean like a lot.

    Kind of similar to something I've posted before but here goes whatever.. LW need to vent so excuse me if this is slightly all over the place. Just hoping someone can help me out here I'm in the spring semester of my junior year now and with med school apps creeping up slowly, I've started to...
  8. D

    Regret College?

    Does anyone else regret their undergrad institution? I attended a "top" college that I wasn't academically prepared for, and I always consoled myself that the rigor of the college would make up for a low GPA (which is so far from true). What kills me inside is that after putting in more effort...
  9. R

    Organic chemistry study tips? :(

    Hi! This is my first post on here, so I hope I did it the right way. :) I'm really stressed out about organic chemistry. I went to one office hour a day since the start of the year (every T.A. plus the professor every week!), went to every class, perfect scores on homework, read all the...