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  1. M

    Non Trad WAMC?

    Hi WAMC? I graduated with a BS in Biomedical Engineering in 2017. GPA: 3.13 (fumbled freshman year but made deans list last couple semesters with GPAs of 3.6+ in 300 - 500 level bioengineering/science courses) MCAT: 503 (first take 490) Been working in tech consulting since graduation and...
  2. Jonesam91

    Post Bacc Pre Health vs Post Bacc Pre Med

    Forgive me if the title of this thread seems confusing, but I have a few questions. I am a URM (Black Woman, 26) and I finally decided to pursue my original dream of becoming a physician. I graduate in June with my Bachelors in Health Science (finally), but it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to...
  3. S

    2017 PHAP (Public Health Associate Program)

    :hello: This may be jumping the gun a bit since apps just opened today but oh well--we can have an early start to freaking out over the waiting game :p (For people just seeing this thread and wanting to know more about the program/application, here's a link:
  4. SG32

    Recent college grad currently taking prer

    Hey guys, I'm a 22-year old who just graduated with a BS from a four-year university. Unfortunately, it took me a while to figure out which healthcare profession I truly wanted to pursue until my senior year of college. I'm currently taking chemistry summer courses and am planning on taking...
  5. A

    Looking for Physician/PA for Primary Care Practice - Brooklyn, NY

    A medical office in Brooklyn NY is looking for a motivated physician (MD/DO) or physician assistant (PA) with NYS license to work in a primary care practice; full time or part time, in a supportive environment utilizing electronic medical records. Bilingual English/Chinese preferred. Recent...
  6. M

    Half premed courses done, half to go- options?

    Hi all, I graduated in May of 2014 with a BS in Health Science from a large university in the Boston area. During an undergrad I switched my major from Biology to Health Science, where I intensively studied public health and took a lot of public health coursework at my university's SPH. I've...