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    California DPT 2019 acceptances

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone has been accepted or received interviews for these schools in CA: University of st Augustine San Marcos University of the pacific Western university Chapman university USC West Coast university Mount St Mary’s CSU Long Beach If so, what were your stats? Thanks!!!
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    No RECENT clinical experience?

    Hi friends, I am currently working in a clinical research lab and dedicate about 20 hrs/week. I will have about 1500hrs by next summer. I currently do not have any publications under my belt, and I have not indicated on my primary that my team plans to submit this upcoming year (although I have...
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    New to Pre-Med, Low-GPA, Recent BS Biology, Help!

    Hi! Okay first off Im a recent first-generation graduate who has finally decided on going to medical school. My science GPA is quite low 2.57 and my overall GPA is a 2.97. I've looked at pre-reqs for schools and I have C+/-'s in 4 of the courses (genetics, ochem 1, bio 2, biochem) and the rest...
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    Raw Score Conversion Table 2016

    Hello! I'm having problems finding a raw score conversion table. There isn't one on the ADA exam (http://www.ada.org/~/media/OAT/Files/oat_sample_test.pdf?la=en) and I've found one from an old exam (http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/score-conversion-chart.1143248), but the reading...