1. C

    how to decide when similar cost?

  2. B

    Help me choose! U of Utah vs. Regis University

    Hi! I am weighing out the pros and cons between these two schools. I am a California resident so I would apply for residency in Utah. Regis is private so it doesn't matter. I am into rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, really anything outdoors so I know both of these schools have plenty of that...
  3. S

    Medical Center versus Private / Jesuit Institutions

    I'm incredibly excited to say that I have been accepted to both Regis University and University of Nebraska Medical Center! This is an incredibly hard choice for me... as they both have pros and cons in my mind. The main factor that I think draws me to UNMC is the fact that it is embedded in...
  4. ka$hh

    SMP Comparison of Regis and Cincinnati

    Any thoughts on Regis University 1 year Masters vs. University of Cincinnati? I would like to know which program would better increase my changes of getting into medical school. Anyone who has been in either, how are the classes/faculty/student life?