1. studentpharmacist1995

    Can I apply for NAPLEX prior to graduation?

    I was told by someone that I can register for naplex on the NABP website after april 2nd when the system upgrades. Wanted to know if its beneficial to apply ahead of time before graduation or if doing so would allow me to get my ATT quicker to sit for the exam. I'm in florida so it usually...
  2. Kuzcoo

    Thoughts on year long plan?

    Hi, I'm currently a freshman and it's my second semester in college. I have some question in regards to taking Organic Chemistry and Physics. From what I researched, Organic Chemistry and Physics is a problem for many pre-med students, and I wonder if it’s smart to have some space between these...
  3. S

    How does the dental school curriculum work at UCLA?

    I've uploaded a PDF of the curriculum by track provided by UCLA, which is where my confusion arose. I'm assuming every course listed in the given PDF is taken by the end of the 4-year program and that every student in my class will be taking all of the same classes at the same time? If so, how...