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Mar 1, 2018
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Hi, I'm currently a freshman and it's my second semester in college. I have some question in regards to taking Organic Chemistry and Physics. From what I researched, Organic Chemistry and Physics is a problem for many pre-med students, and I wonder if it’s smart to have some space between these subjects or is it better to have them as close as possible. I currently finished Calculus 1 last semester with an A, but I’m still doubting if I still remember the operations and processes.
I’m planning to take Organic Chemistry 1 on the Fall of 2018, and have Physics 1 and Organic Chemistry 2 the Spring of 2019. I want to know if these subjects can both coexist or is my plan of spacing them out alright. I’m currently taking 13 hours this semester, but I had 16 last year so I’m not sure whats a good number of hours. From what I read from the community, 15 is okay but I'm pretty nervous about the lack of hours I have currently.

My major is Biomedical Sciences and at the moment I’m taking my Gen Chem 2. Registrations for Fall 2018 starts the 30th and Summer 2018 starts tomorrow, and I’m pretty unsure what I should do next. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


[Fall 2018]
-Organic Chem
-Organic Chem Lab
-Elementary Stats
-B-MED Class
-and other general education classes (Political Science and "Integrated Learning Option")
To about 14 hours

[Spring 2019]
-Organic Chem 2
-Organic Chem 2 Lab
-Gen Physics 1
-B-MED Class
-Applied Stats
To 12 hours but I'll try to push it to 15 or 16.

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If your school is lenient towards pre-reqs then go ahead and take them separately.
It's not worth it taking them together. But if you need to finish pre-reqs by your next year, then do it.
I thnk you're fine with that current schedule. Orgo 1 is learning the fundamentals which is the hardest part. Orgo II was just memorizing reactions. Taking physics then will time it out perfectly imo. Also, calc, physics, and chem are all different subjects. Its hard to compare the three. Success in 1 class does not necessarily lead to success in others. I took physics while taking orgo. I didn't think it was difficult but my workload increased immensely because of lab reports, assignments, and having to study for both exams constantly.