1. Melvillei

    Regret withdrawing my acceptance

    I recently withdrew my acceptance from USUHS after choosing to attend a civilian USMD program instead. I just couldn't overlook the ≥7 year obligation plus the many cons of milmed discussed on these boards: lack of control over my career and family life, limited job opportunities for my SO...
  2. B

    I regret choosing the wrong med school.

    Hi everyone, this is my first ever post here. I made my decision to commit to my med school a few days ago and I have been regretting it every day since. I chose to go to a cheaper med school that would theoretically reduce my total debt after my 4 years by about 150k. However, the school is new...
  3. E

    Med school or psychology masters

    Hi, I'm studying at AUB and graduating this spring I was originally a nursing student but my parents and surrounding pressured me to do something (bigger) since I got high grades in high school. I also hated the idea that I will be just a nurse giving IV's and meds for my whole life(too basic)...
  4. M

    Starting to regret going into dental, give me better outlook.

    I am halfway thru dental school and just wanted to share my opinion, if nothing else to let off some frustration, and perhaps help someone who could use another perspective if they're still debating. Personally I don't care if you agree/disagree or if my post sways someone to do dentistry or...
  5. M

    Other OT-Related Information I could use some advice

    have been wanting to be an OT for ten years but I have not gone because of the loans. Does anyone have any advice about whether this wAs the right decision?
  6. whatsupdoc442


  7. 911 Turbo

    Damn I should have applied to nursing school instead

    http://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2013/04/separates-doctors-nurses.html Well according to this blog post anyways