replacing a grade

  1. TheSuperColider

    Cuny F replacement policy vs med school policy

    I go to a cuny and have replaced 2 F grades that I got in freshman year to As. The cuny system removes the F from my gpa calculation but the F stays on my transcript. Will med schools look at my GPA the same way as cuny does? Or did retaking those F grades not help my GPA ?
  2. E

    Need opinions

    Hey guys, so I would really appreciate some advice. I'm a sophomore (Chem major, pre-med). My school uses a plus/minus grading system; in order to pass a class you have to get at least a C (you fail with a C-). We can replace our grade if we fail a class and the new grade will be factored into...
  3. C

    Grade Replacement Question

    Hello, I was wondering if I should retake Organic Chemistry II for a third time? I took Organic Chem I and II in a semester system school (University of California, Merced). The grades i received were: CHEM 008 Principles of Organic Chemistry (lab was part of the lecture)(O-Chem I) 4 units...