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  1. noah_fence

    T5 Medical School Admission: Clinical vs Basic Research

    Hi, I was browsing through the forums and saw some discussion about basic research being more valued than clinical but wanted to know if this was true. I know it is harder to publish in basic research so that would make sense, but I was wondering if it would improve my chances if I added a basic...
  2. M

    Original Research vs. NonOriginal Research

    Hi all, I am new to SDN, so I am sorry if I do not get this right or this question has been asked recently. I was wondering if adcoms viewed an undergraduate doing original research (creating a hypothesis, carrying out the experiments, getting results, publishing, etc.) more highly than...
  3. G

    Research at Another Uni

    Rather new to this forum so I apologize if I mess this whole thread deal up. My question is pretty much as the title explains. The current uni I study and do research at is located in my hometown so I’ve never had a chance to venture out far. After a recent vacation I realize this was a mistake...
  4. T

    Missouri Neuro NSF REU 2017

    Hi everyone, I wanted to link up with people that have gotten into the Mizzou REU since I got my letter and accepted it (March 27th). This was for the REU Fellow position in the 2017 University of Missouri-Columbia Summer Projects in Neuroscience Research Experiences for Undergraduates program...
  5. A

    Question about failed opportunities

    Hello, So i'm not sure if this question has been asked, but should you put down activities that you attempted in good faith but utterly failed at? For example, during my senior year, I wanted to get involved with research and decided to join a neurologist's research group who was studying...
  6. R

    No Research: Not Interested