residency rankings

  1. N

    Signed Prematch Offer, want to withdraw and try match

    Hi, I received a prematch offer from an IM program with 24 hours to decide. I had no time to think this through, so I decided to accept and signed the contract. This was a very difficult decision for me because my top program of choice was elsewhere. I had contacted the other program (my top...
  2. dhb10

    Other HBCU vs Non-HBCU residency - Family Medicine

    Hi, I am a URM rising MS4 at a so ranked "mid tier" medical school applying into family medicine. I had a fantastic time at my school and loved everything about my experience, including the training and especially that we had a big minority community. I remember having a hard time turning down...
  3. greg.house1408

    Transplant Surgery in my Future?

    I've posted before about some of my subspecialty interests; now, I have been accepted to a medical school and will begin the next chapter of the journey. For personal reasons, I really want to become a liver transplant surgeon (maybe some pancreatic or kidney also, though main focus is liver)...
  4. D

    2015 Doximity Overall Residency Rankings

    Hey all, I was bored this time of year, and I know there are a lot of opinions on the legitimacy of the Doximity residency rankings. However, we don't really have much else to go on and LOTS of programs/attendings are taking these rankings very seriously now (as opposed to the first year)...