residency swap

  1. C

    Position Swap fm looking for categorical general surgery residency

    My s/o matched into fm starting 2022 as PGY1. If anyone is interested in switching to fm please let me know! already has done prelim surgery year
  2. C

    Swap Positions

    Seeking a Categorical PGY1 anesthesiology position starting in July in the New York/New Jersey area for Categorical PGY1 position in Chicago. Message me if interested
  3. S

    Position Swap Seeking to swap with IM PGY1 in Chicago for PGY2

    Hi, I am a PGY1 in Internal medicine in a reputed academic program in NYC. Seeking IM PGY2 position in Chicago. I am honestly very happy with my program but want to move to Chicago as my husband is there. Please contact me if you are interested in swapping. E-mail me if interested...
  4. M

    Position Swap PGY1 IM in Boston looking to swap into NYC

    Current PGY1 at Boston academic program looking to switch to academic NYC program for family reasons. Please message me if interested.
  5. N

    Position Swap PGY1 EM in FL seeking FM PGY1/2 position in SoCal

    Looking to switch specialties and be closer to home in Los Angeles or San Diego. Let me know if interested.
  6. T

    Position Swap IM PGY-1 categorical swap

    Matched IM PGY-1 categorical in a nice community program in NJ. It’s 30 min outside Manhattan in a nice suburb. wanting to swap for a Midwest PGY-1 IM due to family reasons.
  7. Aceboogieie

    Residency Swap - Family Medicine

    Hello all, Matched in to a family medicine program in Detroit, MI. It is a university program. I am hoping to find anyone that would like to swap positions with me. Preferably anywhere in the West Coast, South, NYC areas. Thank you !
  8. D

    Position Swap Prelim surgery in a solid well-known program in NYC, looking for cat IM anywhere

    Hi, i matched prelim surgery in a solid well-known program in NYC, where they have PGY2 prelim. I learn that they often keep a few prelims for their cat Surgery. I'm looking for a cat IM anywhere. I will begin my prelim year in July 2021
  9. D

    Position Wanted Current PGY1 EM looking for PGY1 or PGY2 EM in South Florida

    I'm currently a PGY1 EM resident in north florida and am looking to transfer or swap to a south florida program- either to restart PGY1 or as a PGY2. Help! :)
  10. M

    Position Swap PGY3 swap in NY

    Hey everyone. Im currently a PGY2 in a program in new york and I'm looking to swap outside of new york. Please let me know if youre interested in a current PGY2 or PGY3 position for next year. Thank you. The specialty is internal medicine.
  11. D

    Position Swap swap PGY1 IM prelim NYC to PGY1 IM anywhere

    Available: PGY1, IM Prelim, July 2018, NYC I'm willing to swap my PGY1 IM prelim residency position in NYC to an IM PGY-1 categorical/prelim anywhere. please PM me if you are interested
  12. A

    Position Swap IM PGY1 position available for swap

    Hi, guys. I just joined here. I was wondering if any of you are interested to swap or know an open or off-cycle PGY1 or 2 position. I'm a IM PGY-1 in Florida. The program is actually pretty good, live by the beach, perfect weather. Any speciality is welcomed, keeping an open mind. I like NYC and...
  13. C

    Couples matched into backup specialty - HELP!

    Hello SDN, Been a long time lurker but created a new account for this post. I'd appreciate any and all advice. Situation: My fiancee and I entered the couples match this year (both of us competitive but US-IMGs). She wanted OBGYN but she matched into her backup IM. I wanted IM and matched into...
  14. I

    Position Swap California IM PGY-1 or PGY-2 swap to North Carolina

    Looking for someone in an internal medicine program in North Carolina to swap with me for a PGY-1 or 2 position in a program in California. I am happy here in California, but just want to swap for personal reasons (fiancée). PM me if you're interested.
  15. D

    Position Swap Radiology Swap R1 PGY2 starting in July 2017

    Hello. I am interested in swapping out of my program (academic well respected hospital in the Bronx, New York) to another program with greater opportunities in IR So that our years match - I am current in my prelim year starting this radiology position, R1 PGY-2, in July 2017. Thanks.
  16. D

    Position Swap PGY 2 Radiology Swap July 2017

    Hello! Currently in my intern year will be starting my R1 PGY2 year in diagnostic radiology in Long Island, New York City. Looking for anyone who like to swap positions, preferably anywhere in the west coast. Some unfortunate family circumstances came up and am looking to swap to be closer to...
  17. P

    Position Swap Swap mid-atlantic psych (current PGY-1) for psych in UT, TN, KY, OH, AL, GA, IN, IL

    Hello, I'm a new psychiatry intern. I love my current residency program and many of the people I've met here, but I need to relocate for family reasons. I'm trying to get closer to home or switch to a program that will allow me to return there more frequently. I'm at a reputable, mid-size...