1. MicrogliaMan

    Advice for Summer of M0: HELP

    Hi all, I am an accepted med student who is matriculating in the fall at my state school. I have a question regarding what I should do this summer. I am extremely interested in doing pediatric hematology/oncology. I am a teenage survivor of cancer and although I am keeping a very open mind, I...
  2. F

    How good or bad is 244 on step 1?

    I got my score today. Disappointed as I was aiming for 250.. especially because I am an IMG. I want to know what are my chances or how bad is 244? I know its above average but is it good enough considering averages for all specialties is increasing...
  3. U

    Update on University of Washington Resident Contract Negotiations

    As representatives of Residents and Fellows at the University of Washington, we wanted to provide some clarification regarding the ongoing negotiation process between Residents and the University. We have received many questions from applicants and created this informational post to let you...
  4. O

    Curious about Neurology Residency Application Process

    Now, this -may- seem really stupid, but I genuinely am unsure as to precisely how the process of applying to a Neuro residency works. Yes, I have tried googling but to no avail; I would like a quick and dirty step by step explanation. I literally know nothing about this, so please be explicit...