1. O

    ROTH IRA/investing vs. paying off loans

    Hi all, I am posting this in regards to one of my cousins since I, fortunately, do not have loans to pay off. My cousin is a current PGY1 resident with ~300k loans (undergrad + med school). My question to you all is if he should max out on his roth IRA ($6,000) or should he use that money to...
  2. G

    Is BU Pathology retiring?

    In the "open positions" thread, which BU Pathology pretty much single-handedly maintains, I think his own job is posted. Several thoughts come to mind. Is this really true, or am I misinterpreting the post? Perhaps someone hacked his account and is trolling Dr. Remick. I cannot find his age...
  3. rxboy1996

    Walgreens 401k

    Is the match only once per year at walgreens? I just joined Profit Sharing in July 2017 and I was already an employee of the company for over a year when I joined so from my understanding I am fully vested. Does anyone know when I should see the matching contributions in my account?
  4. 8

    Hospital's 401k Plan

    Just curious, during hospital orientation they had someone from an outside company talk about mutual funds being fantastic for an hour and then stated that there was no rational reason to opt out because it wouldn't effect how much you saw from your salary. In fact, they argued that you save...
  5. C

    VA/Military Retirement

    Hi all, I'm looking for a fact check and some help in understanding military buy back time and federal retirement. From my understanding I could buy back my military service time and apply it to my federal time. From my calculations and understanding if I work 20 years in the Army and 20 years...
  6. White Coat Money

    Free Personal Finance Blog for Medical Students, Residents and Fellows

    Hi everyone, just want to let you all know about my blog White Coat Money http://www.whitecoatmoney.com/ It's a personal finance blog where we focus on topics relevant to the young medical professional. Thanks, WCM
  7. neuro17

    Asking retired professor for LOR?

    Ok so I graduated last year and just found out that one of my professors (who was also my pre-med advisor) retired. I knew him for 4 years, constantly met with him, and took one of his classes. He even helped me get my current job. I kept in touch with him a little bit after I graduated but he...