1. D

    How competitive am I for SURPs/SURFs/REUs?

    I’m a freshman applying to SURFs this summer and I have no idea where I stand in terms of competitiveness. I have a 4.0 but some mid-high 80s (Canadian, transcript says numerical % and letter grade “A” for all courses). I have one year’s experience as a volunteer research assistant doing dry...
  2. whatintardigration

    Summer Research Application and Acceptance Thread (SPUR, SURF, SURP, SIP, AMGEN, LA etc.) 2020

    Alright so I figured I'd try to start this year's thread. What programs has everyone applied to? I applied to: Jackson Laboratory Gerstner Sloan Kettering University of Oregon (Rejected 2/14) Purdue MBAP Cornell MBG REU Tufts University Pepperdine SURB Northeastern University NCAT REU Synthetic...
  3. C

    REU vs Internship

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask for advice for a decision I'm trying to make. For the summer, I am deciding between a REU (research with diseases) or an internship with a biomedical device company (this would be mostly machinery work). Do medical schools usually have a greater preference for...
  4. TheRealBatmanMD

    Summer Research Application and Acceptance Thread ( SPUR, SURF, SURP, SIP, AMGEN, LA etc.) 2019

    It's now or never
  5. B

    REU Personal Statement Help!

    Hi everyone! I'm a freshman in college that has had some research experience in the past and need some help with my REU and other MD/PhD summer program personal statements. Please let me know if you can help me out and give me constructive criticism/editing advice because I'm around 300 words...
  6. Richanesthesiologist

    How to get published?

    I am currently participating at an REU (or SPUR whichever sounds better) program at a major public research university on the west coast. I will only be here for 10 weeks, and was wondering if I can get published in the amount of time. It is a brand new project that I just started working on. If...
  7. 8

    Research/Internships with LATE APPLICATION DEADLINE

    So i just got rejected from all of the research programs I applied for, and I really would still like to have an internship under my belt before I take the MCAT next summer. I was wondering if there are any research/internship opportunities that i could still apply to that have deadlines in...
  8. T

    Missouri Neuro NSF REU 2017

    Hi everyone, I wanted to link up with people that have gotten into the Mizzou REU since I got my letter and accepted it (March 27th). This was for the REU Fellow position in the 2017 University of Missouri-Columbia Summer Projects in Neuroscience Research Experiences for Undergraduates program...
  9. T

    Summer Research Application and Acceptance Thread ( SPUR, SURF, SURP, SIP, AMGEN, LA etc.) 2018

    Figure it's as good as time as any to create this one. Early bird gets the worm!
  10. F

    Freshman applying to REUs/SURFs

    I'm a freshman biochem major at a large state University. I have a 4.0 gpa and currently research 10 hours a week (thinking of upping to 15 in spring) and volunteer 15 hours a week. What are my chances of getting into one of the less competetive REUs at some of the more obscure Universities...