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    BSN to MD

    What are my chances? BSN accelerated program: 3.8gpa with neuro ICU practicum. Now, 5 months in acute psych floor nurse at top hospital. Undergrad at top 10 school, 3.4gpa: took BIO1,2, Organic Chem1,2, Chem1 - still need a year of physics, biochem. Was going to go to a state school to finish...
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    Emergency RN to MD

    I'm looking for advice!! I'm currently working as a nurse in a busy NYC emergency department, and have a wish to go back to medical school. I'm currently finishing up my post-bacc classes while working full time, so my plate is pretty full. The conundrum I seem to be in is deciding which cycle...
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    help MCAT september 18

    I have been trying to study for the MCAT without any success, I'm trying to read the EK books and I just can't focus, I can't get through a chapter without paling asleep. Ive tried questions but I do horrible in them. I am freaking out and I am thinking I probably should get into a class or...
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    nontraditional advice!

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    RN Trying to decide whats next...

    Hello all, I am needing some advice on which path I should take next. I will be starting my last semester of nursing school in January and I am unsure of where I should go/what I want to do next. Prior to attending my ADN program, I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration...