1. A

    RVU MCOM vs RVU Utah vs WCUCOM

    Hi, I have received acceptances from RVU UTAH, RVU MCOM, and WCUCOM. Please help me with the inputs and suggestions as I move with my family. I understand the alternate list is not guaranteed, but I hope to get accepted. RVUCOM Utah PROS: I did have a campus tour. It looks decent. The...
  2. medmiao

    RVUCOM-SU vs KCUCOM-Joplin

    Hi all, I'm in a predicament about where to put all my deposit money into for a DO school -- if I end up getting an MD acceptance, I'll prob go with that, but for now I'm just trying to stick to one DO so I don't waste all my money on holding both acceptances. KCU-Joplin: Pros: one of the...
  3. Lovelygreenhue

    RVU UT vs Touro NV

    Hello! I was fortunate enough to get a few acceptances this cycle and so far have narrowed down to these two. I'm a California resident and would love to come back after med school for residencies etc. As for the type of residencies, I have a few in mind but very unsure at the moment. RVU-UT...
  4. S

    Rocky Vista-UT vs ACOM

    Let me know what you guys think between ACOM and RVU-UT. RVU has better board scores but ACOM has better rotations and I'm having a hard time deciding between the two.
  5. Megustagatos


  6. K

    RVU-SU vs ACOM

    So I have interviewed and been accepted to both of these schools... and December 14th is coming and I still don’t have my decision. There are many pros and cons for both as I am sure many of you know. RVU-SU is new (but est. from RVU-CO which has great board scores), has great facilities...