1. J

    Too late for HPSP?

    I was wondering if it is too late to start applying for the HPSP. My stats are 9.987 gpa, 22AA and a lot of volunteering and extracurriculars. Should I even bother to apply this year? Do you think my chances would be better if I went for the 3 year scholarship?
  2. J

    UAB v Georgetown

    I need advice on choosing between these two schools. UAB is my in-state school and I have a scholarship of $10,000 dollars per year at the school. However, I recently was accepted off of the waitlist to Georgetown SOM. I really love the new 1.5 year curriculum, extra elective rotations...
  3. Master Bone Wizard

    Military scholarship for someone with Physical Disability

    Hey guys, With the godly D-school prices and the saturation of dentistry I decided to apply for the military scholarship and took this time to learn more about it. One thing that caught my attention is the physical test that is required. I have a muscle conditions that makes thing like...
  4. Spotinho

    FAFSA & school - questions

    Hello all, I was getting ready to apply for FAFSA, however I wasn't sure if I had to send it to all schools I am applying to? (I haven't applied yet, working on my shadowing). Or should I wait until I receive an interview/acceptance? Also, attempting to find answers to the first, there was a...
  5. A

    MD School Scholarship

    How likely is it to get a scholarship at an MD school? What factors do they take into account when extending a scholarship offer? Is it just having a high GPA and MCAT? Is it based on your experiences? Is it based on your family income?
  6. C

    dat score 23/ terrible test experience/advice?

  7. T

    NHSC- your experiences

    Hello! I have recently been accepted into med school and have been working on my NHSC Scholarship application. I have not submitted yet but would really appreciate some honest feedback on your experience with the process such as: are you generally happy with your repayment location? Were you...
  8. OT1224

    Other OT-Related Information NYU financial aid package

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you (or a friend) know when accepted applicants receive their financial aid package from NYU? Also, how much % of it is loans and how much is scholarship/grants? I'm the first generation to go to graduate school so I'm on my own. Thank you!