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May 26, 2015
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You have had an awful testing experience. Shame on those testing centers!! Don't you dare retake it!!! Your scores are really good!!!! Ivy leagues aren't everything and what am I saying you have a 3.94 and a 23 you have a good shot at any school! Calm down; you've done a good job no need to retake the test and stress yourself out for the millionth time. 23 isn't the best score in the universe but it's very good not everyone gets 28s and 27s... Heck not a lot of ppl even get 23s. I have anxiety too so I know how you feel. Just stick with what you have. You have a very good chance at getting into dental school.


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Feb 5, 2014
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Wow, I'm so sorry. I would not retake, but I would make sure that everybody at the Prometric headquarters knew your name, if you know what I mean...

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Mar 12, 2005
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I took the dat 3 weeks ago and wanted to know if anyone had advice for me.

I was suppose to take the dat several months ago, but my exam timer came broken and had half the time it was suppose to. So I had to reschedule for a month later because I left town with my family on vacation the next day. A month goes by and I go in to take the test, and halfway through the exam the building looses power and my scores are lost. I reschedule for a few days later, and when I come in, the test had the same error as the first attempt. I had to reschedule to take the test that next day because it was my last chance before I would be leaving the country for a while the day after. I go in to take the test, and the exam is set with no built in breaks (like you normally get after pat). At this point I start the exam, and was determined to just get through it (assuming the worst at this point, since I have janky blood sugars, and high anxiety, and this was my forth attempt) Through all of this, the proetrix refused to stop the test, or let me access food, or use the restroom (I was allowed to use the restroom, but the timer would continue through the whole thing).

AA ...............23
SC ................21
Bio............... 21
Orgo............ 22
Gen Chem ...22
PAT .............19
QR............... 23

GPA 3.94

My overall score was a 23, and I feel that it really should have been higher but I was cheated in the situation. Part of me wants to retake the exam, and part of me doesnt want to deal with it anymore since the whole experience was so exhasting, and they will probably screw up the exam again.

Whould you retake the DAT? I wanted to apply to an ivy league, but I dont know if a school like harvad would want me with my pat score. If I were to apply to a decent school, do you think I could potentially get a scholoarship? Also, what sections do dental schools care most about?

Thanks for reading!
Excellent scores, but because you are shooting for Ivy League and you had an unfair testing environment I would definitely report it to the ADA.
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Sorry this happened to you and you had so many problems at your testing center.

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