science major

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  1. DynamicPathfinder96

    To Retake a Class or to Keep Pushing Forward

    Hello, I'm new here and I just need some advice about raising my science GPA and whether if Dental School looks into being in the Dean's List for long periods of time. I'm a Bio-Tech major and I just finished my last semester as a college sophomore and I had a 3.41 GPA with an Overall GPA of 3.2...
  2. C

    What major?

    So right now I am completing my under grad at a CC. Then I will transfer to a 4 year. But I'm not sure what to major in. I have narrowed it down to : Biology Biochem Biochem/micro Microbiology OR business A lot of people say to major in biochem or something science related. So I was leaning...
  3. C

    Psych is cool... Now what?

    Hey guys! Recent science major graduate with a passion for the social sciences. I took an extensive amount of psych/soc courses while in undergrad for pure enjoyment. Now, I'm realizing I may just want to make it my career. I'll be the first to admit my lack of knowledge in this area and am...