May 17, 2017
Boston, MA
Hello, I'm new here and I just need some advice about raising my science GPA and whether if Dental School looks into being in the Dean's List for long periods of time. I'm a Bio-Tech major and I just finished my last semester as a college sophomore and I had a 3.41 GPA with an Overall GPA of 3.2 (First-Semester of college was really rough on me due to health issues).

I was in the Dean's List last semester (with a 3.7) and I had put in the same efforts in my classes for this semester while healing from surgery, but if it weren't for a C+ in Pre-Calculus, I would've been in the Dean's List again. I'm trying to show a gradual improvement since I know that's what Dental Schools like to see. However, since my science GPA isn't as high as I'd want it to be for now, should I retake Pre-Calculus? I'm afraid of not doing well in Calculus I if I don't have a strong Pre-Calculus background. Should I withdrawal from the class and write a reason why I want that class to be taken out? Or should I just keep pushing forward?

Prima Donna

2+ Year Member
Oct 16, 2016
If I were you I would keep pushing forward. As far as being able to do well in calculus, you will be fine as long as you put in the work. Precalc helps for calculus, but calc is a whole different series of concepts.

You obviously want to have as few Cs and keep your GPA high; however, coming back next year and getting an A in calc 1 will show schools you do care, and the C+ in precalc is not what should represent you.
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