secondary applications

  1. Dr. ThorStrange

    When is it too late to expect interview invites?

    A friend and I were discussing this the other day :laugh:. He is freaking out because he hasn't received any II so far :nailbiting:. My response was that there is still hope to receive II because he submitted all his secondaries before Thanksgiving and many schools have deadlines for secondaries...
  2. Dr. ThorStrange

    Can I get feedback on this question:

    Discuss any elements of your application that you feel might be concerning to the Admissions Committee. Is this question required or optional on the application? If required, should I explain about one bad grade or low MCAT? How should I approach this question? Should I mention the concern then...
  3. A

    What do you like about your dental school?

    Early clinical exposure, reputable curriculum, etc. all sounds nice, but don't all dental schools these days offer this? They all sound similar to me. I'm looking for major differences in methodology/teaching, but it's difficult to find that info on schools' websites alone. Can any current...