secondary apps

  1. R

    Secondary Topics Need Help

    Hi all! Looking for some feedback on my potential topics for the diversity and adversity secondaries: Adversity 1. Mom's recent health scare where she had post menopausal bleeding and went in to see an OB-GYN who attempted to perform an endometrial biopsy but was unsuccessful bc my mom was...
  2. C

    Secondary app fee waver for FAP URM applicants?

    Are all secondary applications waived for FAP students/applicants? I ask this because I plan on applying to 40+ schools w. the FAP.
  3. P

    MD Secondary Application Submission - When is "late"?

    What do you consider "early", "average" and "late" submission for a secondary application this cycle (MD programs)?
  4. T

    Applying to Schools where Letter of Rec. Requirements are not met

    Hello, I have submitted my primary AMCAS application and have received a secondary application from every school that I choose to apply to. There are a few schools were I do not meet their letter of recommendation requirements(I only have one science professor of the two that they require). I...
  5. Iconic Bond

    Diversity Essay

    Would anyone like to read and give me some feedback on a short diversity essay I wrote for Tuft's secondary application? I might plan on using the same essay for other schools.