1. sasukeuchiha33

    Does "MCAT blind" really mean MCAT blind?

    Would love adcom insight on this @Goro @gyngyn @LizzyM @gonnif @Faha and others- Do schools that claim they have an MCAT blind interview selection process really mean that? this is only anecdotal, but I'm a reapplicant and am applying with a substantially higher score this year than last year...
  2. Franzliszt1

    MD + Grade Trend. Siren Song?

    Dear SDN, Thanks for taking time to read my thoughts, I just finished my undergraduate degree. I moved to a college far from home and started with a year of mediocrity. The next year had poorer grades but still salvageable. My upper level cGPA is a 3.853 and two of those semesters were...
  3. S

    OOS friendly schools?

    Hey guys I applied this cycle to Tennessee and was put on the waitlist. In preparation for this upcoming cycle I am trying to put together a list of schools to apply to. My Stats: TN Resident D1 Cross-country and Track athlete 75 shadowing hours (currently acquiring more) 100 volunteer hours...
  4. Mavis

    Selecting schools list!

    Hi everyone, Stats: Penn State University (currently a junior) Resident of Pennsylvania Cumulative gpa: 3.53 Science gpa: 3.40 DAT scores: 20 AA, 20 TS, 21 PAT, 20 Bio, 20 GC, 20 OC, 20 RC, 21 QR Did SMDEP at Case Western Reserve University Lab teaching assistant for anatomy for 6 semesters...