1. Doc Alex

    Studying for the New ABEM Virtual Oral Boards

    Greetings! Is anyone interested in teaming up to practice ABEM oral board cases including the new Structured Interview for Virtual Oral Boards? Please PM me if interested. Thanks! Alex
  2. joooorrdaaaannnnn

    Trying to Simulate a Nerve!

    Hello all! I work for a company that creates realistic anatomical models for military training. We are currently working on a fasciotomy trainer which includes the superficial peroneal nerve. I was hoping I could pick your brains (well those of you who have taken gross anatomy) on what...
  3. Doctor Anton

    Test Tools Realistic Anatomical Simulation Arm for Practicing Phlebotomy Procedures

    Life-like appearance, feel and touch Accurate anatomy – both dorsal (back of hand) and ventral (cubital fossa) surfaces of the arm Veins palpable and vaguely visible – as-if in a real patient Give-feel when entering a vein Great addition to your Apprentice Doctor Venipuncture Kit! Perfect for...