1. D

    I Need Pre-Med Advice

    Hey everyone! I am an upcoming college sophomore. My freshman year went horribly--academically. My first semester, I took 12 hours and dropped introductory chem. I ended up with a 3.2 and 9 completed hours. My second semester I took 16 hours, dropped introductory chem again, and ended up with...
  2. J

    CHOP NHSSP / Junior Volunteers

    Hello! Is anyone familiar with Children Hospital of Philadelphia's "Neurology High School Scholars Project"? It sounds very interesting, but I was wondering what they had done in past years for the basic science or clinical research project? In addition, what they are specifically looking for in...
  3. greysxo

    PSAT and SAT

    Hi, I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but I would like a newer opinion on this. I'm a sophomore in high school and I did not take the PSAT this year. I plan to take the PSAT my junior year and the SAT my senior year. I'm worried that I will not do well on the PSAT and will then not...
  4. N

    Can I apply after sophmore year?

  5. S

    Did I just kill my chances?

    So I was doing pretty well in school. 3.6+ I've been getting A's in bio and in chem. And now I've just scored straight C's in orgo 1 and physics 1. Did I just kill my chances? You probably see post like this all the time. But I kinda dI need some encouragement here
  6. K

    Can I raise my GPA over the next few years?

    I am a "freshman" (I already have enough credit to become a sophomore after this semester), and am currently taking 16 credit hours. If I were to end this semester with a 3.25, what are my chances of getting a 3.6 or higher? I plan on taking the same amount of credit hours next semester, and...