south college

  1. D

    South College Clinical education placement?

    Hi Everyone, Can someone comment on how South College place students into their clinical education location? I own a home as well as have a 3 year old child, and was wondering if the program would take that into consideration when placing students in their prospective location for clinicals.
  2. L

    South College DPT summer 2018 start date

    Is anyone waiting to hear back from South College? If you have been accepted, what was the interview like? What did you think of their hybrid program? I would really appreciate any feedback, thank you!!
  3. A

    South College Interview?

    Hi everyone, I recently got an email from south college saying that I am invited to do the interview! Has anyone done the interview yet? If so, what is it like and what questions are asked? I'm a little nervous for it because it's all online and I'm not really sure how it is going to work. Any...
  4. PTGirl25

    South College DPT

    Hello everyone, I applied to South College for the summer term that starts in June 2016. I haven't heard anything back yet besides that they have received over 900 applicants and will be accepting 100. I'm just wondering if anyone has heard back or has any new information!
  5. S

    South College Updates???

    South College's DPT program is about 3 quarters in now, but I haven't heard much about how the program is unfolding. I know a lot of folks (including myself) questioned how an accelerated DPT program can be taught almost entirely online. I haven't heard anything about the sky falling yet so...