sports med

  1. E

    PM&R Sports Med prep

  2. pvpapaioann

    Interest in Sports Medicine

    Hello, I'm curious at the different routes to get into sports medicine. I've done some research and find that you can apply to sports medicine fellowships following residencies in several specialties (such as internal, family, pm&r, etc.), but I haven't found an non surgical orthopedic...
  3. M

    Are specific FM residencies more tailored for sports medicine fellowships?

    So, I'm planning on applying to the next round of the Match next year to FM. Ideally, I'd like to do a sports medicine fellowship down the line, so I was wondering if it matters which FM programs I apply to? Are some programs more MSK/Sports med focused than others? And if so, are any of said...
  4. O

    choosing residency programs- PM&R

    Hi all, So I am a 3rd year medical student, soon to be scheduling my 4th year rotations. I am hoping to go into PM&R but am having trouble figuring out what programs are appropriate for me to be striving for. I want to start planning which away rotations to aim for, and don't want to waste my...
  5. AT_surf12

    EM advice

    Looking for advice from the SDN community, ideally those further along in the process than I, in regards to emergency medicine in general and EM residency. I am a third year DO student, still fairly uncertain what I want to do. I appreciate any help/advice and congrats to the 4th years finishing...
  6. E

    Sports medicine fellowship after EM

    First of all, I'm baffled that there is no sports medicine thread. Moderators....can this please be generated? I've been practicing for a year after completing EM and enjoy the emergency room quite a bit but absolutely hate the hours. HATE the hours. I really enjoy the MSK complaints and...