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  1. FemaleJD

    Doing A Fourth-Year Elective In the Caribbean?

    My partner is currently finishing up his ob/gyn elective and moving onto fourth year this August and we have the itch to go back to the Caribbean for a short period. For reference: He is a Caribbean medical student at St. George in Grenada and St. George's hospital offers some basic med...
  2. L

    Success and not-so-successful stories from those who went to Caribbean schools?

    I'm getting ready to apply to medical schools next month. I applied last cycle as well, but since I didn't get my applications in until the deadline, I didn't get many looks. In fact, I didn't get a single interview. MCAT: 503 GPA S: 2.986/C: 3.2 I've been shadowing a doctor for the last couple...
  3. T

    transferring to SGU

    Hey all! I am a current first year student at a Caribbean school and I was thinking about transferring to SGU for my second year. Is this possible? I submitted an application when I was originally applying to schools but got accepted into my current school before I heard back and they ended up...
  4. medstudent1215

    Caribbean Medical Schools

    Hey everyone. I was hoping to gain some opinions about Caribbean medical schools. I know that there is "the big 4" including St George, American university of the Caribbean, Saba, and Ross, but I also know there are lots of other lesser known schools that I have heard are well run programs...
  5. T

    How to Pass Comp?

    Hey everyone! So I am soon going to be writing my comp exam for the second time in about a months time. Kinda stressing out. Last attempt I got a 59 and I need a 68 to pass. I thought I had studied a lot for the 1st attempt, but obviously was not enough. I was wondering if someone could give...
  6. N

    Please help, What are my chances!! In need of some guidance

    Hello all, I'm a 24 years old finishing my degree in Biology and public health from a private university in NY. My undergrad gpa is about 3.1 and premed reqs are: General Biology 1: A General Biology 2: b+ Gen chem 1 class B- Gen chem 1 lab A Gen chem 2 class B- Gen chem 2 lab 2 Organic Chem...
  7. H

    Chances for SGU medical

    I just got my mcat score back and am pretty disappointed. I only received a 495. I have good research history and have publications. Also have good letters of recommendations from doctors and doctor shadowing. Overall GPA=3.3 sGPA= 3.49 Is there any chance SGU will take me in for 2017 January...
  8. H

    Can anyone tell me if I have a chance at SGU medical?

    Hi, I am a senior graduating in December 2016. My GPA as of now is only 3.2. I also did retake a 2 science classes. I really cannot afford to spend any more time retaking classes since I am already graduating late. I took a practice MCAT without any studying and only got a 501. I am currently...
  9. C

    Chances of DO vs. Caribbean?

    After having done lots of research on IMG (St George) and DO residency matches as well as all the other stuff affiliated with that, I'm now reconsidering mainland MD simply because I don't think I have the test scores for it. But now I'm wondering, how likely is an acceptance to each? cGPA -...