state licensure

  1. kkilla

    EMT state licensure

    I am enrolling in an EMT class this semester and am interested in working as an EMT at a summer camp in a different state. I am wondering how hard/possible would it be for me to obtain a state license in another state?
  2. W

    Dental licensure and moving to practice in a different state after school.

    Im curious on how dental licensure works state to state. I will soon be a dental student in the Midwest and after I graduate I would like to move to the south/southwest (AZ/FL/SC)? Could someone please shed on light on this topic? Thank you
  3. F

    How to pass the Texas Jurisprudence Exam for state licensure

    Took the Texas Jurisprudence Exam a few days ago for Texas licensure. We did not have an 'in house' crib sheet at my program for this exam, and I couldn't find much on the forums, so I decided to put this together to help those of you who need a bit of guidance with study strategy and...