step 2 clinical skills

  1. D

    Did anyone make similar mistakes on CS :(

    I'm look back at all the mistakes I made. Put mostly 2 differentials, with 3 diagnostic tests, didn't know 2 diagnosis but used closed enough potentials for differentials. Did though physical exam but mostly 1 system max 2, did consult the pt if I saw something relevant to consult on. I did...
  2. J

    Step 2 CS physical exam

    Just remembered I stood on the L side of the patient for some of the physical exams but the maneuvers themselves I think I performed much will this affect my evaluation?? Thanks all!
  3. J

    Failed Step 2 CS? Please help!!

    Hey all, just wanted to see what you guys thought of the mistakes I made during the exam. In one encounter, pt told said he had an allergy to something but in my haste on the note, wrote that he had none... In another patient I wrote that lungs were clear bilaterally in haste and bc of...
  4. X

    MD Just Graduated with MD* and Seeking Advice

    I will try to make this post as concise as I can, and I apologize if I include superfluities or other statements not germane to this inquiry. If there is specific information that would be helpful in terms of understanding my situation, please let me know. Thanks! I just graduated with an MD...
  5. C

    26 April 2017 Step 2 CS results

    OK, so I've been trying to find threads with guys who took their step 2 cs between January 29 through March 26 and keep track of result readiness, but I couldn't. Today (26 April) is the first day of reporting period, so I decided to start that. Has anyone recieved the results yet? I've also...
  6. D

    USMLE Step 2 CS IMG Philly retake

    Hi! I'm an IMG applying to retake Step 2 CS in June 2017. My original plan was to take the exam in Chicago, since I failed CS in Philly last year (ICE part). But I realised that there's no available dates in Chicago, so the only options that are left are Philly, LA, Atlanta. Can anyone help...
  7. B

    Competitiveness without Step 2 CS? Deadline?

    Hi everyone, I'm an international medical student graduating December this year. My plan is to ideally participate in the next match (opening this year). However, I see that interviews start generally from October through January. I have only passed Step 1 (with a competitive score, I think)...
  8. S

    USMLE Step 2 CS - auscultating heart

    Hi, everyone. I took CS a few days ago. I didn't auscultate heart sounds directly on skin. I made the error of listening over the gown on almost all encounters. Will they fail me for this? Thank you.
  9. sangprem

    USMLE/COMLEX TargetUSMLE Step2 CS - Raffle

    Welcome to SDN’s Test Prep Week – This September 2016 to help you successfully pass Step 2 CS, TargetUSMLE is giving you a chance to win one of these 3 amazing prizes. 1) Free Online Video Tutorials Access for 7 Easy steps 2 CS (excluding Step7) valued at $300 2) Free any 3 Steps of Online...
  10. Targetstep2cs

    USMLE/COMLEX Choose any 3 steps access for free in 7 Easy Steps 2 CS* - $150 value!

    To enter the raffle, please leave a comment on this thread. 7 Easy Steps 2 CS takes you through the process of step 2 CS preparation in a step by step fashion. It is an organized approach to an exam that involves an efficient display of your knowledge in under 15 minutes. Pick any 3 Steps among...