Jun 9, 2019
Medical Student
I'm look back at all the mistakes I made. Put mostly 2 differentials, with 3 diagnostic tests, didn't know 2 diagnosis but used closed enough potentials for differentials. Did though physical exam but mostly 1 system max 2, did consult the pt if I saw something relevant to consult on. I did summarize and explained the next step to the patients and asked and answered their questions. I only draped the pt when I started the physical exam by fixing their gowns and only exposing the necessary parts when the pt self exposed too much. When they had a abdominal exam I just the sheet they had to drape them appropriately. I asked the patient a few side questions ( asked about the weather, about their job and stuff) to connect better. I'm just worried that I mostly had 2 differentials and didn't know the primary diagnosis in 2-3 cases but I think I had close differentials for them. I forgot to do a mini mental for a pt It would have been necessary based on the case. I did add mini mental exam for the diagnostic when I got to the note, but I know I won't get credit for it. In a neuro exam exam I basically combined it with ask , with strength and inspection, palpation and DTR for one case. Based on this how are my odds looking.
Jun 28, 2019
MD/PhD Student
I too took my step 2 cs on 22 June. And I don't know what I did there I was so flustered I just messed up everything I hope I pass and I hope the same for you
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