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summer job

  1. D

    Summer Jobs for Vet Students?

    I'm sorry if this has been posted before but I'm new here. I'm a first year vet student and I have already applied to Banfield Veterinary Student Job Program and I tried to apply to a VetCor summer job but the recruiter for my area never answered my two emails and the main company email has not...
  2. videnoir

    Summer job??

    Hi everyone, Question about summer jobs during the application cycle. I've had a hard time finding a health-care related job for the summer. Right now my best option is working as a part-time summer nanny and getting more involved with volunteer activities (I figure I will be pretty busy with...
  3. Garurumon

    Full-time research assistant/technician

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping to get some lab experience this summer after I graduate in May. I don't qualify for a lot of the undergraduate summer research programs anynore. Because they're so selective, in past years I've tried without success to apply and get in. I'll be attending a formal...