summer program

  1. GDTBATH16

    UNC MED Summer Program 2019

    Did anyone apply to this year's application cycle? Feel free to post information or questions y'all have.
  2. Stoppingtheworld

    UCLA Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Enrichment Program (PREP) 2019

    Hello All, Would someone be able to explain to me what the process is like getting into UCLA PREP? I have my interview in a few days but I noticed that some spots have already been awarded. How does this work?
  3. theNDhopeful44

    NYU Summer Orthopaedic Surgery Summer Program

    Hey guys, I just got accepted to be a part of the NYU ortho research/surgery program for this summer. Has anyone done this program and would be willing to share experiences, like research done and how program directors might view this experiences as opposed to just spending a summer in some...
  4. D


    Hey did anyone apply for this summer's UCLA PREP? If yes, do you know when we're getting our decisions? (either early decision or rolling) OR has anyone ever participated in this program before? If yes, what was your experience like?~ Thank you!
  5. V

    Pre-Med classes at Ivy League school during summer?

    I am currently a freshman at a huge public unversity in the midwest. I would love to attend an Ivy League school during the summer for 2-3 classes to boost my resume and help me with my pre-med requisites. Is that possible? Is there any programs that allow me to do that? Is that a good idea, to...
  6. R

    Research at home institution or summer program?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get some opinions on my situation. I really love the lab I've been volunteering at for over a year now. I was even able to get a stipend and work there last summer. Also, I'll probably be able to submit a paper for publication after completing another...
  7. Mingos

    Does Yale and Duke still do SHPEP (new SMDEP)?

    It's weird because I've been reading through the forums and the Yale SMDEP website (it seems current) and I'm confused whether or not they still do it. If they don't, is there a similar new program at these institutions?
  8. X

    Pre Med Summer Programs after graduation

    Does anyone know of any programs that are tailored for pre med students, but for AFTER graduation. Such as UNC-CH MED program or ECU Brody BSOM.