summer research applications

  1. N

    Should I apply to summer research programs?

    I am a rising sophomore and I have been looking into applying for summer research internships. There is one at my school and I am going to be emailing professors at my school. I just dont want to put all of my eggs in one basket and end up disappointed. I am an URM and was planning to apply to...
  2. P

    International student fully funded winter/summer research

    Hi, I've read and browsed this site for some time but can't seem to find information on fully funded research positions for undergrads outside the U.S. I've completed some work(resulted in no publication and was really half-way),does someone know of any opportunity?
  3. B

    LOR for summer research positions

    I'm starting to gather all of the necessary material to apply for research internships for next summer, and I noticed that the majority of internships require two LOR. I'm mostly looking at clinical research positions because I have some experience doing clinical research, but it was all done...
  4. davethebarbarian