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    CME Huge discount on courses at

    Keen to build your CV, learn new skills and stand out from your colleagues? Tired of paying huge fees for medical courses? As a special offering to SDN, courses at ‘’ are now available at heavily discounted prices. Hamid Tehrani, Consultant Plastic surgeon in Liverpool, has...
  2. A

    Top 10 Surgical Retina Fellowships

    Things change fast. A decade or two ago, residents were advised that only a smattering of 10 vitreoretinal surgery fellowship programs were considered worth going to. More recently, a more palatable truth seems to have emerged: there are so many amazing programs, each with their own advantages...
  3. 3

    Perio Programs Overview

    I know this question gets asked a lot but I haven't seen a recent thread giving an overview of different programs. OMFS programs are usually overviewed more in depth on SDN, and I'd like to start that for perio. Can anyone give insight into your perio residency or what you have heard about...
  4. Leviathan One


    I am a High school Sr from Florida and i am extremely interested in the medical field, specifically the surgical field. I want to know how to get in contact with doctors and see how they interact with patients.
  5. A

    Surgical Glove Woes

    Hi Everyone, Not sure where to post this since it can cover several disciplines, however I suppose surgery is the most relevant. I have my first surgery coming up in April and have run into a conundrum: I can't find surgical gloves small enough for my hands. I got told off for wearing gloves...
  6. J

    Non-surgical Veterinarian

    Hello, would anyone be able to tell me what the non-surgical veterinary specialties are? I am interested in becoming a vet, but am not keen on performing surgery. Would it be possible to make a decent living as a vet with the main focus being on physical rehabilitation? I would appreciate any...
  7. pikaboo

    What are the best loupes brand?

    I would love to know as the title suggests what are the best dental loupes brand? Thanks.
  8. pikaboo

    Surgical Loupes in Toronto (GTA) area

    Anyone with experience of buying dental/surgical loupes in Toronto. I live in Milton, ON and looking to buy one any advice on good representatives and stores. Thanks <3
  9. C

    California Licensed MD/DO for Surgical Wound Care Practice (Residents may apply)

    Expanding surgical wound care group practice seeking motivated physicians with unrestricted license to join on a part-time of full-times basis. Competitive pay, full malpractice insurance and required training. Inquire within for details.
  10. Dust13

    What Class Should I Take?

    I am looking to start a career in the medical field this summer. I will be taking some classes, but I am unsure of where to start. My goal would be to work in the operating room as a surgeon. This is where it gets tricky for me so I would appreciate your advice. Should I take CNA classes? I...
  11. sufferfromrealness

    Help! Inq. Surgical Tech

    Hey! Gonna be out of HS soon and was just researching hospital medical jobs for then. Well found something really great for experience and its all great. Surgical Technician. Well after being told it was something that could be done fresh out of HS I later found out that it wasn't really. Most...
  12. sufferfromrealness


  13. Domek

    Medical Oncology

    Hi everyone, I apologize for my noobishness in regard to these forums. I'm sure there are probably at least half a dozen threads on this already, but I couldn't find one in the .000038 second Google search that I did on the subject so I thought I'd make another one. Here goes... Oncology is...
  14. eoSurgical

    eoSurgical - 2017 Student Essay Competition

    The eoSurgical 2017 Student Essay Competition is now open medical students worldwide. Title: 'How will the 'internet of things' impact delivery and training of surgery? Are we heading for a global surgical reticulum?’ Prizes: 1st: eoStudent Sim take-home laparoscopic surgical simulator (RRP...
  15. B

    Surgical critical care fellowship after neurosurgery residency

    What comes out of that?
  16. J

    Feather Lite by UltraLight Optics for sale loupes light

    Hi guys. I am selling a brand new Feather Lite for dental loupes, by UltraLight Optics UK. It is the lightest and smallest loupes light available. This is the touch battery pack edition, with a special ELITE wire too. Selling because I haven't needed to use it yet, and it's just sitting on my...