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    Position Swap Looking for PGY 2 spot on July 1, 2021.

    I am a PGY 1 Internal Medicine resident on an H1B visa in upstate NY with good standing in the program. I am looking for PGY 2 opening in any specialty which sponsors H1B. Preferably Internal Medicine Categorical program. Preferably northeast states. If anyone wants to swap. I am open. thanks...
  2. M

    Position Swap East Coast TY looking to swap for TY/Prelim/EM in Southwest/Central

    Got into a TY year on East coast. All family lives on West Coast/Southwest and I would like to be closer to them. Willing to swap for other TY year, IM prelim year, surgical prelim, or emergency medicine in TX, NM, AZ, CA, NV, UT, OK, NE, KS, OR

    Position Swap PGY1 FM in NJ looking for PGY2 IM anywhere

    I'm a current PGY1 in an FM program in NJ looking to switch to IM, preferably PGY2 spot but open to PGY1 spot. Message me at [email protected]
  4. F

    Help! prelim interview date swap for UCLA Olive View

    Hi, anyone has an interview date at UCLA Olive View prelim medicine scheduled for 1/6 that could be swapped to 1/5? It would be mean that I could actually interview at the program and I would be eternally grateful. Happy to buy you postmates dinner and boba. Thank you!!
  5. M

    Position Swap PGY3 swap in NY

    Hey everyone. Im currently a PGY2 in a program in new york and I'm looking to swap outside of new york. Please let me know if youre interested in a current PGY2 or PGY3 position for next year. Thank you. The specialty is internal medicine.
  6. F

    Position Wanted PGY-2 FM/psych in FL

    Hi all, PGY 1 here currently in the south looking for a position in anywhere in Florida! I love my program, it’s seriously amazing but having some family with medical issues in Florida and it’s really difficult being away. Looking to swap into another FM or into psychiatry for 2020. Thanks for...
  7. M

    Position Swap PGY 1 FM midwest for PGY 1 IM any location

    Message for details
  8. M

    Position Swap Want to swap a pgy 1 family med spot for pgy 1 transitional year

    The family med position is in the midwest. I dont have too much preference where the TY spot is
  9. P

    Position Swap PGY1 Swap Spreadsheet

    Hi guys, There is a PGY1 swap spreadsheet that people are using to request swaps. Might help someone! Link:
  10. S

    Position Swap PGY 2 FM for PGY 1 or PGY2 Psych

    If interested please PM me, thank
  11. B

    Position Swap PGY 1 IM Boston looking to swap NY/NJ

    PGY-1 IM Massachusetts (will be in PGY-2 June) looking to swap to PGY-1 IM NY/NJ. Looking to start in July, 2019. Reason: Family Can PM me or reply directly to this message.
  12. K

    Position Swap PGY2, Internal Medicine, July 2019, Chicago, IL to Houston, TX

    Hi! I am about to finish my IM PGY-1 year in a very nice, university-affiliated-community hospital with a great working environment, 0 scutwork, amazingly manageable workload (minimum levels of stress), amazing nursing and ancillary staff, and even better faculty. Looking to transfer to...
  13. A

    Position Swap PGY2 Radiology in NJ (available now) swap for IM

    PGY2 radiology resident in NJ. Want to swap for a PGY2 position in IM.
  14. S

    Position Swap Pgy2 med peds position Chicago to northeast

    Very good Chicago program, but looking to be close to family between pgy2-4. My ideal position is out there... And yours too!
  15. D

    Position Swap FM PGY 1 (IMG) in PA looking for swap/open positions

    Hello everyone I'm an IMG (on J1) currently in PGY 1 of FM residency in PA. After multiple rotations these past few months, I have developed a strong liking for in-patient medicine and hence would like to switch residency tracks. I am greatly interested in IM. Neurology is yet another medical...
  16. M

    Position Swap PGY-2 swap CT looking for NC

    Hi, I'm a PGY-1 IM intern interested in moving to North Carolina, preferably the Durham area. If there are any PGY-1 IMs who would be interested in swapping this July, please let me know. I'm currently at a community hospital in CT with an awesome PD and program. PM for details if interested.
  17. B

    Position Swap PGY 2 IM in NYC

    Hello - I am trying to switch from New England area to NYC or any program close to the city. Currently a PGY 1 IM (categorical) trying to find a PGY 2 IM spot starting July 2018.
  18. D

    Position Swap Radiology PGY-2/R1 Swap?

    Hey all, I'm at an academic university-related program in the Bronx, NYC, NY. Looking to transfer to a program with a strong IR program so that I may further my career. Thanks!
  19. I

    2017-2018 Prelim/Transitional year swap thread

    Thought this might be the time to start this I'll start: USER // NAME OF PROGRAM // SCHEDULED DATE // DATE TO SWAP TO iMedic //Newton-Wellesley Transitional Year// Scheduled date: Dec 5th // Want to swap to: Any day in January (will compensate!) Please bold the latest addition to the list and...
  20. F

    *****General Surgery Residency Interview Trades 2017-2018*****

    Hi all! I didn't see an interview trade/swap thread for this year and am currently in desperate need of one so I thought it'd be helpful to get this started. Also: Just to keep things clean, maybe it would be a good idea to edit/delete posts as your requests get resolved? I'm new to SDN :D
  21. H

    Position Swap Swap PGY2 (preferred) or PGY1

    I am currently a resident in central United States and wanted to swap for a PGY2 (preferred) if not a PGY1 position. I have no preference to which part of the United States. Please message me for details. Thank you for your time
  22. X

    Position Swap Psychiatry PGY2 for July 2018

    Current PGY1 psych resident on the east coast looking to swap with someone on the west coast at the end of the year (PGY2 starting July 2018) for personal reasons. Please PM me if interested!
  23. X

    Transfer Advice (for PGY2 position in 2018)

    I am currently starting out as a PGY1 in a psychiatry residency program. Unfortunately, I matched across the country from my SO and would really appreciate any advice about the possibility of transferring after my PGY1 year to be closer. I have tried to do my due diligence on SDN and have...
  24. M

    Position Swap HEME ONC FELLOW NYC 2017 July

    I would like to ask if anybody here is interested in moving to Newyork city for a heme onc position as first or second year. I matched in NYC , but would like to stay in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus (ohio) , WVU or Detroit.
  25. C

    Position Swap PGY1 swap in chicago pathology program

    Looking to swap for my PGY1 chicago pathology position. PM if interested
  26. C

    Position Swap open to any specialty to switch to

    a PGY 1 position to swap. position is in pathology in chicago and open to any specialty to switch to.
  27. O

    Position Swap PGY-2/PGY-3 Otolaryngology seeking PGY-2 Dermatology

    Current Otolaryngology residency position (program director willing to take a PGY-2 or PGY-3 for start July 2017) in high desirable major city Seeking a PGY-2 Dermatology position anywhere Curent program has high volume ENT cases, head and neck, and facial plastic surgery
  28. C

    Position Swap swap good chicago pathology residency for any specialty

    Im currently resident in pathology looking to swap into another field. My program is fine with the swap and i am in good standing.
  29. I

    Position Swap CA IM PGY-1 or PGY-2 to NC internal medicine program

    Looking for someone in an internal medicine program in North Carolina to swap with me for a PGY-1 or 2 position in a program in California. I am happy here in California, but just want to swap for personal reasons (fiancée). PM me if you're interested.
  30. CCHS RX

    Position Swap IM PGY2 FL to OH

    I'm looking for an IM PGY2 position in Ohio (preferably Cleveland or Columbus area). I am currently IM PGY1 in the Tampa/St.Pete area. Looking to relocate for family reasons.
  31. D

    Position Swap Radiology Swap R1 PGY2 starting in July 2017

    Hello. I am interested in swapping out of my program (academic well respected hospital in the Bronx, New York) to another program with greater opportunities in IR So that our years match - I am current in my prelim year starting this radiology position, R1 PGY-2, in July 2017. Thanks.
  32. D

    Position Swap PGY 2 Radiology Swap July 2017

    Hello! Currently in my intern year will be starting my R1 PGY2 year in diagnostic radiology in Long Island, New York City. Looking for anyone who like to swap positions, preferably anywhere in the west coast. Some unfortunate family circumstances came up and am looking to swap to be closer to...
  33. A

    Position Wanted PGY-1 in IM in NY looking to switch into a Family med/OBGYN in CT/MA/NY

    Hi I am currently a PGY-1 in IM in NY and want to switch to Family Med PGY1 or 2 if possible. I am interested in programs in CT or MA as I would like to be closer to my fiance. If you know of any opportunities or are interested, please message me. Thanks!
  34. H

    Position Swap IM PGY-2 Swap CT to MA/NJ/NYC/PA

    Hey I'm PGY-1 in good standing in an IM program in CT. I'd like to move to MA/NJ/NYC/PA for family reason. Please let me know if you are interested in swapping or know of any openings. Thank you.
  35. P

    Position Wanted PGY1 IM PA seeking PGY 2 in IL/IN/OH

    Hi I am halfway through IM in PA in good standing as a PGY-1, wanting to transfer/swap . Looking to start July 2017, swap or transfer
  36. T

    Position Wanted Ob pgy1-2 swap for FM, psych or IM in Chicago

    I am currentky finishing up my pgy1 year in OBGYN. Nothing wrong with the program just don't think this is for me. I'm Looking for any open spots or chances at swapping. I'm open to a few things so please reach out even if your not sure. Thanks
  37. N

    Position Swap PGY 2 IM NY for TX. Swap or Wanted

    I am currently PGY-2 in a university affiliated community hospital interested in PGY-2 or PGY-3 position starting form July 2017 due to family issues.
  38. S

    Position Swap Current PGY-2 radiology looking for PGY-1 or PGY-2 categorical surgery

    Currently in the northeast in a PGY-2 radiology position. Did intern year in surgery. Open to going most places. Can start new position at any time. PM me.
  39. H

    Position Swap PGY2 radiology-radiology swap July 2017

    Hi there, I'm currently in my intern year and will be starting PGY2 (R1) radiology residency in a program in Manhattan, July 2017. Looking for academic/affiliated programs on West Coast, in Northeast (preferably Philadelphia region) or large cities. Please message me if interested in swapping...
  40. B

    Position Swap Anesthesiology Swap/Transfer

    I am currently a CA1 in an anesthesia program in the New York area and would like to swap for a program in Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington or Boston. That said, I am open to pretty much any program under the right circumstances. Available: PGY2 (CA-1), Anesthesia, New York area...